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Scandinavian Modern

Bauhaus Carafe and 6 Glasses Designed by Richard Süssmuth

Bauhaus Carafe and 6 Glasses Designed by Richard Süssmuth

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Carafe and 6 matching glasses designed by Richard Süssmuth (1900-74), a glassmaker and designer whose life spans the modernist period. 

The son of a glass cutter, he’s work can be seen to have two clear periods - before the WWWs he produced under style sphere of his father; fine glass, decorated and influenced by Jugendstil, and British Arts and Crafts.

When he re-established his glass works after WWll, the move is to modernism in his new designs. Although he studied at Dresden Arts & Crafts Academy, his later work is influenced by Deutsche Werkbund, and the Bauhaus aesthetic of simple form and functionality.

The carafe, with matching glasses, was designed in the early 1950s, and captures this love of the modern. The carafes simple shape, echoed in the stopper and tumblers - creates a beautiful combination of muted colour and form.

Highly collectible, Richard Süssmuth’s work is in most collections in large design museums in the West.

A beautiful piece of design. Originally bought from Heals, in London. And in its original packaging.


Decanter: 17cm tall

Tumblers: 4cm tall (all approx)

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