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Scandinavian Modern

Midcentury Oak Coffer Blanket Chest Coffee Table Bench

Midcentury Oak Coffer Blanket Chest Coffee Table Bench

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An absolutely beautiful early 20th / Midcentury oak six plank coffer.

The larger long dimensions make it perfect as a coffee table, end of bed storage or side table.

Modernist outline with some genteel Victorian detailing, deep mellow oak patina adds to the presence, and beauty of the piece.

The Antique coffers are sought after country pieces of period antique furniture and are one of the earliest forms of furniture on record.

The coffer would usually be constructed from planks of solid oak with a hinged lid and be of simple pegged construction or with the old iron clout nails. This is a Midcentury interpretation which brings its own modernist streamlining.

They were built as dual purpose, storing goods such as bedding or silver and also a surface for sitting on or using as a side table. This would look great with cushions as a bench seat.

Gently restored and finished - Love it!

Length 135cm x Height 50cm x Depth 45cm

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