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Vintage Melitta Ceracron Earthenware Coffee Tea Set Germany 1970s

Vintage Melitta Ceracron Earthenware Coffee Tea Set Germany 1970s

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Vintage Melitta Germany, Ceracron Earthenware Coffee Tea Set

Ceracron was developed around 1970 by Melitta.

The set has 13 pieces that includes 4 dessert plates, a 4 cup size teapot with bamboo handle, 4 tea cups, and 4 saucers.

If you love modernist design, this Vintage Melitta Ceracron Earthenware Coffee / Tea Set will interest you.

Ceracron is a material that was developed by Melitta around 1970, making this set a unique find for collectors and enthusiasts of that era.

The standout feature of this set is its striking red glaze, which not only exudes a contemporary appeal but also carries a touch of Midcentury coolness, making it a perfect blend of modern and retro aesthetics.

The set includes a total of 13 pieces. The pieces consist of:

14 dessert plates:
1 teapot with a bamboo handle: The teapot is cup-sized, making it suitable for personal use or serving small groups. The bamboo handle adds a natural and organic touch to the design.
4 tea cups
4 saucers

The design is modernist in its use of technology, the newly developed stoneware glaze, and in its reduction of styles, to allow its simple lines to shine through - especially the teapot which holds the traditional bamboo handle perfectly over its modernist form.

A beautiful set.

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