About Us…

Simple ways to be modern

The mid 20th Century is when Modernist design stopped being the preserve of the avant-garde elites alone, and entered the broader mainstream of affordable interior decor.

This allowed design to enter the everyday home, this is witnessed no-more-so than in the Nordic countries.

Scandinavian design captures the clean, ‘less is more’ mantra of modernist thinking in the 20th Century. Coupled with Hygge, a sense that design can facilitate wellbeing too.

We are a Father / Daughter partnership, who share overlapping skills - I am an academic historian in art and design history; and we both advocate environmental issues, alongside reclaiming Motherhood as a valued occupation in itself, and it is central to my daughter’s  environmental thinking too  

Loukia also overseas the unique circular economy of our shop - where you can resell any purchase made from us, on our platform, if you no longer want the item.* 

We have curated a valuable and enjoyable collection for you to have in your home, office, or gift to friends. They are informed choices: both environmentally, and as examples of modernist design. 

We want the designs we sell to be enjoyed for decades -  and over generations. Good design outlives trends!


:-) Enjoy


Colin and Loukia 


*please contact us for more information on our circular retail of items already purchased.