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Scandinavian Modern

Carsten Tonnieshof Mid Century Vase

Carsten Tonnieshof Mid Century Vase

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I love the illustration on these vase - they are like the early experiments of artists Len Lye, or Oskar Fischinger, both 20th-Century pioneers of experimental animation.

You can turn the vase and they come alive!

A rare mid-century vase, beautifully crafted by renowned West German pottery producer Carsten Tonnieshof in Austria.

The striking modernist decorative relief is an exquisite balance between colour and glaze , on a simple modernist cylinder shape. I think it embodies the unmistakable essence of Carsten's wife’s artistic expression, who designed for Tonnieshof during this era.

The Austria stamp '683-23 AUSTRIA' discreetly marked on the base attests to the vases' origins and authenticity. It also has the original metallic label in place.

Carsten Tönnieshof was a distinguished West German and in production from 1945 to 1987.

By the 1970s, they had expanded their presence across the globe, establishing branches in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Australia, and Austria.

H: 23cm

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