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Per Olof Strom vase for Alsterfors Glasswork

Per Olof Strom vase for Alsterfors Glasswork

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A lovely example of a Per Olof Strom vase for Alsterfors Glassworks, which is a moulded geometric architectural form.  

In Midnight Grey it is influenced by modernism’s reinterpretations of the bas-relief. A sculptural form which has a long history in European art history.

Modernist designers and artists used the bas relief as an expressive form - from the architect Le Corbusier, to English Modernists like Ben Nicholson.

A beautiful piece signed to base 'P. Strom 68' 


* The vase is free of any chips or scratches. Apart from the bottom which has signs of use but no deep scratching. Plus signature.

The glass is completely clear and bright when filled water but takes a slightly hazy / milky appearance in the creases of the design when fully dry.

I have tried to capture this in the final three photographs.

Like all of the products you have a 30 day period to return the purchase for a full refund. As long as it is returned in the same condition as when purchased. 

Height 26cm

Width 16cm

(Approx sizes)

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