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Scandinavian Modern

Royal Copenhagen Aluminia Ida Coffee Cups 1959

Royal Copenhagen Aluminia Ida Coffee Cups 1959

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IDA Royal Copenhagen Aluminia faience Coffee cup from 1959, and it is a very early example of how the new design Dírector Nils Thorsson, developed a Modernist style for the newly amalgamated company.

It is a beautiful, delicate design, hand-painted beneath the glaze, the simple pattern later developed into the ‘Annette’ design by Berte Jessen. And a myriad of like designs. 

Very fine china, which has the expected crackling to the glaze in places. Wonderful condition for this 60 plus year old design.

5 coffee cups with saucers  

approx size: 

Cup: 6 x 8 cm
Saucer 14 cm across 


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